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I’m Not Upset, I’m Eating My Salad!

You guys will never believe what happened on the next episode of Real Housewives of New York. Another lunch! Salads were consumed! Women were miffed!

Here is my version of the luncheon conversation between Countess LuAnn and Bethenny:

LuAnn approaches table in usual headscarf and big sunglasses.

LuAnn: Thanks for inviting me to lunch!

Bethenny: Don’t be too excited. I’m really pissed at you.

LuAnn: At moi? Porquoi? (translation: At me? Why?)

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The “Reality” of Bored, Rich Housewives

OK, so I just discovered The Real Housewives of… franchise on BRAVO. What can I say, I don’t have cable. I can hear the horrified intake of collective breath. No cable! But that’s another story.

Here’s what I, after viewing three episodes from the current New York season, take away from it. It’s a very thin line between ridiculous and boring. The truth is, there is absolutely nothing happening. It must be a feat of endurance for the editors to go through hours of footage to cobble together enough material for episodes when this is what you have to work with: tennis, horse riding, dull-as-dirt lunches, charity parties and verbal sniping of the caliber I experienced in my very Midwestern, middle-class high school. And yet, I keep watching, hoping, waiting…

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I recently reviewed a play called Amazons and Their Men for TC Daily Planet. You can check out the “official review” here.

After seeing the play, I immediately watched The Horrible/Wonderful Life of Leni Reifenstahl (see my 50 Word review, which hardly does the film justice) and became both enamored and repelled.

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